Car Accidents and Other Vehicular Accidents


Do I need a personal injury attorney after a car accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident, bus accident, truck accident or motorcycle crash, you may need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.  In many instances of a severe collision, the defendant driver’s insurance company will have an experienced investigator or adjuster collect information that favors the defendant.

It is very important for the injured parties to have an attorney conduct a separate investigation as soon as possible after a motor vehicle collision to document the scene of the accident, secure eyewitness statements, and take photos of the damaged vehicles.  Significant information may be lost if the victim does not have a personal injury attorney who can quickly act to preserve it.

What if the insurance company says the car accident was not my fault?

Even if the insurance company for the party at fault agrees that the other driver was responsible, the insurance company will almost never pay your bills unless and until you sign a full and final release of all claims.  In the meanwhile, the medical providers will look to you for payment and may turn you over to a collection agency if you do not pay.  The fact that the treatment was for a personal injury at the fault of someone else does not relieve you of primary responsibility for the bill.  To assist you, your attorney may be able to provide a letter of protection to the medical provider or the collection agency, getting them to stop collection efforts in return for an agreement to pay the bill out of any settlement or judgment.  A personal injury attorney can also provide you with guidance concerning your medical care and help you deal with unpaid bills and getting needed treatment for your injuries.