Commercial Trucking & Motor Vehicle Negligence Attorneys


Were you in an accident involving a commercial truck or motor vehicle?

Unfortunately, many Texas drivers are seriously injured or killed each year in motor vehicle collisions involving eighteen wheel trucks.  There are Federal and State regulations that govern the conduct of trucking companies and their drivers.  Semi-truck (18-wheeler) drivers and trucking companies have a duty to operate their vehicles in a responsible manner and keep them in good working condition.  Tractor trailer trucking collisions may be due to careless driving, driver fatigue, cell phone use, texting while driving, excessive speed, faulty equipment, hazardous road conditions, overloading, or shifting cargo. 

What is motor vehicle negligence?

Trucking companies are under increasing pressure to deliver goods faster and cheaper.  As a result, truck drivers may speed or exceed the maximum amount of driving hours permitted by state and federal law.  Trucks may run overloaded or be driven without proper maintenance.  Now, with cell phones, truck drivers can send text messages to their employer, a delivery drop point, or family members regarding their schedule and location.  All of these factors can lead to trucking collisions and serious injuries.  As personal injury attorneys, we strive to keep our roads safe through the prosecution of these trucking accident cases.

In most instances of a severe collision involving a tractor trailer truck, a commercial trucking company will have an experienced investigator as part of their immediate response team on the scene, in a matter of minutes or hours, to collect information favorable to the trucking company.  It is very important for someone representing the injured parties to conduct a separate investigation as soon as possible after a collision to document the scene, secure eyewitness statements, and preserve truck data information that may prove the accident was caused by negligence.  There is a tremendous amount of evidence that may be lost forever if the victim does not have a personal injury attorney who can quickly act to preserve it.  The larger commercial trucking companies generally use on-board computers and satellite communication systems that generate an enormous amount of data that may be invaluable to the victim's case.  There is also "black box" data generated by engine control modules (ECM's) on all late model road tractor engines.  Such data is extremely important in proving the performance of the truck and its driver.  It must be downloaded according to manufacturers' protocols, and if not promptly downloaded may be lost forever.  Driver logs need to be checked for driver fatigue, the trucks need to be checked for proper loading, and equipment failures must be investigated. 

Exposing truck driver and trucking company negligence is essential for assigning fault and recovering the full compensation for the injured parties.  We have helped hundreds of victims recover not only the cost of their medical expenses and lost earnings, but damages for pain, anguish, impairment and disfigurement due to commercial trucking or motor vehicle negligence.
When gross negligence involves drunk driving or egregious violations of the law, our personal injury attorneys pursues exemplary damages as well.