Premises Liability Attorneys


What is Premises Liability?

If a customer falls at a retail store or other business, one cannot assume that the business owner will be responsible for the injuries sustained.  Under Texas law, the customer must show that the fall was caused by a dangerous condition on the premises and, further, that store personnel actually knew of the dangerous condition or that the condition existed for a sufficient period of time for the store personnel to have the opportunity to notice it, warn of its existence, and make it safe.

What can I do to strengthen my Premises Liability claim?

If you are injured in a fall, it would be helpful to know what exactly caused the fall, such as a liquid or object on the floor.  What type of liquid was it, and what was the approximate size of the spill?  Where was the location of the spill in the store?  What are the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses?  Were there any store personnel near by?  Was store management advised of the fall?  All of this information will aid an experienced personal injury attorney in the investigation of your claim.

With the advent of security cameras, retailers often have video recordings of the comings and goings of customers and employees, and the condition of their store’s floors, counters, and merchandize.  A prompt investigation of the situation by an experienced attorney can secure such vital evidence before it can be destroyed by the retailer.

Numerous injuries are caused each year by defective or dangerous conditions on commercial and private property (e.g., slip and fall, falling merchandise, unsafe walkways, swimming pool drowning, etc.).  Defects or dangerous conditions that are known or that should have been known by the property owner pose a serious risk to public safety.