Product Liability Attorneys


What is Product Liability?

Each year thousands of people are seriously injured or killed by defective and dangerous products.  Product liability refers to the fact that a manufacturer of a product is liable or responsible for design defects which can cause the product to be dangerous to the user. The most common defects in a product are design, manufacturing, and inadequate warnings or instructions.  A defect that makes the product unreasonably dangerous for its actual use or any reasonably foreseeable use can be grounds for a product liability claim.  Significant injuries and deaths are caused by various types of defective products (e.g., automobile seatbelts and tires, construction equipment, home exercise equipment, etc.).  

Product Liability laws in Texas give you rights.

In Texas, the statute of limitations in a product liability case is two years from the date of the injury, but time is of the essence in these cases. Generally, companies who sell products within the United States are subject to being sued in our courts.  As a further protection to the consumer, the distributor or supplier of the product can also be held legally responsible.  From a practical standpoint, time is very important in terms of preserving the defective product, interviewing witnesses, and taking other steps to ensure that all important evidence is secured.  

Product liability cases are complex and expensive to pursue.  We are committed to building a safer society through the prosecution of these product liability claims.